Adults learning Music

“Am I too old to learn music?” We often get this question when an adult walks in to enquire about our music lessons. I have an uncanny suspicion that deep down, the individual is really asking themselves this question, “ Am I good enough to learn music and do it well?”

There is such an unspoken expectation that adult learners have on themselves. They constantly put unexpected stress on themselves when it comes to learning music. Just like in the corporate world, they measure themselves by setting a particular time-line to achieve a deliverable result out of themselves. These can sometimes take the joy of learning away and when the going gets tough, many quit learning.

Learning regardless of age, always involves a degree of hard work, sweat and tears. The fruit we bear such as perseverance, patience, and in some instance learning to love oneself through the process is priceless. Some learn to appreciate the beauty of music, the joy it brings when you can play a piece and hopefully enjoy the learning journey for however long it lasts.

We have more than a handful of adult students learning with us the Piano, Vocals, Violin and Guitar and Drums. Different one have different objectives to learning.

I most truly admire those adult learners who are patient with themselves, wanting to master a piece of music not just to be able to play it well, but are captivated so much by music to want to make the piece their ‘own’, through improvisation, and putting a special touch in the artistry of playing.

So what is your objective to learning? Here are some good answers that I got from the adult students in our school:

  • I want to be able to play my favourite song for a special event.

We had students who learnt a song in just 6 lessons for a special occasion such as their anniversary, Christmas and even a wedding proposal.

  • Music lessons is a form of relaxation and stress reliever.
  • Learning with my friends /as a couple to build a bond and stronger relationship together, we can then play and appreciate music better together.
  • Improve my techniques and refresh my memory on classical theory.

We hope that whatever inspires you to learn music, give it a shot and do not worry about how you are doing. Music is first and foremost a gift that speaks many things without words, it is waiting for you to discover its beauty.