Are you mesmerised with Vanessa Mae or Lindsey Stirling’s violin performances?

Can you imagine yourself also playing Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons classical pieces or Lindsey Stirling’s latest pop hits?

Joy Music Studio in Singapore is the perfect place to find your musical ‘voice.’ Our fantastic violin teachers can help you achieve your musical goals, whether that’s to ace a graded violin exam by ABRSM, or simply to play your favourite music pieces like a ‘concertmaster.’


Did you know?

  • ●      Violins are VERSATILE. Whether you are playing a violin solo or are a member of a string ensemble, this sophisticated instrument can complement many genres of music.
  • Violins are SMALL. In fact, it comes in many sizes with the smallest one suitable for a 3 year-old child.  The violin is one of the smallest instruments in the string family which is why more children choose to play it than any other stringed instrument.

Why take Violin Lessons at our Music School?

At Joy Music Studio,

  • We offer violin lessons for students of ALL AGES at various competency levels. 
  • Our qualified violin teachers are passionate musicians and performers. They will teach you how to read notation, master your technique, and be creative.
  • Our violin lessons are flexible and able to cater to each student's learning pace and style.
  • We offer individual lessons and group violin classes, and even short-term workshops!

To better suit your needs, we offer a flexible teaching approach with two curriculum options: Classical Violin and Pop Violin.


Pop Violin Lessons

These violin lessons are perfect for students who want to learn to play the violin with music they know and love.

  • Students learn pop music techniques so they can play their favourite songs
  • Pop Violin lessons are adjusted to suit each student’s skill level from beginner to advanced players.

But don’t just take our word for it…