Band Camp 2015 (June)

We had a fantastic band camp held during the June 2015 school holidays! This was a great event to celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary!

We had a blast with a total of 23 band participants who signed up for this 3 day program with a grand finale performance which took place “LIVE” at Parkway Centre atrium.

After 3 days of bonding together with their band members, a total of 4 bands were formed. Each band member got to play an instrument in this program, instruments such as the Guitar, the Ukelele, the Drums, the Piano and some to be the Vocalist.

The teachers were truly proud of their students who took to building a quick bond within the band, working together and being able to play songs like these;

Fireworks by Katy Perry

Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Sugar by Maroon 5

The participants aged 4 to 15 years old had a fun filled time, and through the event learnt that a lot goes into a performance, to engage the audience, stage presence and confidence to play!!

Congratulations to all our band participants who were such great performers! We got a crowd of audience watching and clapping, staying glued to the ‘stage’ for the whole 2 hours!! Awesome!