Joy Music Studio in Singapore is the place to go to
learn music!

We offer world-class, private music lessons to students of ALL ages… toddlers, kids, and adults.

Whether you are discovering an instrument for the first time or wanting to advance your current skills, our experienced music teachers are passionate and dedicated to helping you develop your talents and reach your potential.


Why take Music Lessons at Joy Music Studio?

Our Music Lessons cater to your specific needs!

  • SKILL LEVELS ⎯ we offer music lessons from beginner to advanced Grade 8 students.
  • STYLES ⎯ we offer both Classical and Pop music instruction.
  • MUSICIANSHIP ⎯ you will develop your sight-reading and improvisation skills.
  • VERSATILITY ⎯ want to play your favourite song on the instrument of your choice? Just ask. We have a wide selection of songs available.
  • FLEXIBILITY ⎯ we offer flexible music lessons for adults to accommodate their busy schedules.
  • ALL AGES ARE WELCOME ⎯ we are passionate about teaching children music, even those as young as 4 years old. We also offer music lessons for adults who are still young at heart.
  • ENJOYABLE ⎯ our experienced music teachers are both passionate and patient with their students. They are fantastic with young children, and they make music lessons fun, enjoyable, and engaging!

Courses are available for the following instruments/groups:








Music Theory

Music Discovery

Adult Flexible Lessons


We also offer Group Music Lessons for ALL instruments.

Would you prefer to learn music with a friend? Check out our options for Group Lessons! We offer group courses for all instruments.

Still need convincing?