What makes a teacher special?

Often we think that teachers inspire students, but it also holds true that students do inspire teachers too! In case you are thinking it is only the good students that inspire our teachers, that not quite true! While it is in our human nature to appreciate and reciprocate those who are good to us, I am proud to hear sharing from teachers who have told me how they are so fulfilled in their jobs when a student begins to openly share the challenges of learning and even about their challenges in their day to day lives.

Trust in any relationship is built over time, some can come in and out of lessons every week for years and yet both teacher and student never quite got to know each other beyond the name, pieces that they play and progress of learning.

At Joy Music Studio, we hold 3 values dear and made it part of our culture:

  • Get to know your student. Playing music is from the heart, so when you know your student’s emotional and physical well-being, you will be able to guide your students to play from their heart. This develops a special bond for the student towards music.
  • Always speak edifying words. Our words can be sharper than a weapon, so may our words always encourage, speak truth and build up the confidence of our students.
  • Impart Value not just Knowledge. We are facilitators of learning, making the learning journey one where it is not just head knowledge, but also value to your lives. Music starts from composition, understanding its value is more than just playing.

Our teachers welcome feedback and open sharing of lives. So thank you to our students for inspiring us to become better individuals and teachers!