There is an African proverb that states, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and we agree.

In the same way, it takes a whole community of like-minded professionals to run a successful music school. Since our inception, Joy Music Studio has had the privilege of partnering with some world-class companies.


Musical Instruments

In matters of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, we are pleased to partner with Steinway, Casio, and Yamaha.



In our music school, we use Steinway’s Essex line of upright pianos which are ideal for students learning up to Grade 8 and beyond. Together with the acoustic treatment in our studios, classical pieces sound beautiful using these Steinway pianos.

Steinway Gallery Singapore has also been our kind sponsors for several key events.

During the SG50 Year of Celebrations, Joy Music Studio had the privilege of performing in National Gallery Singapore on the rare red Steinway Grand Piano. Forty-five of our students (ages four years and older) enjoyed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play this rare piano.

Casio piano.JPG


Casio is a well-known Japanese brand offering a wide range of digital keyboards and pianos, from the affordable range keyboards for the young learner to digital upright pianos for the more advanced learner.

Musicians of any age will appreciate the realistic sounds of a grand piano incorporated into the Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid digital piano. You can try it out in our studio.

Casio was a supportive partner of our annual concerts.

Our students had the opportunity to perform at Suntec City Shopping Mall during their Christmas program, as well as in the 10 Square Auditorium at Orchard Central.


Trusted for their reliability and quality, Yamaha is a well-known brand of upright pianos. In our music school, we use Yamaha piano for our learners from beginner level to Grade 5.

We also use Yamaha’s electric drum in our studios. The compact size of the electronic drums (and the headphone plugin) allow our drum students to practice anywhere, even at home, thus making the experience personal and enjoyable for all involved.


Are you in the market for a musical instrument?

We are authorised resellers of musical instruments for Casio, Steinway, and Yamaha. In partnership with them, we can recommend the best make and model of instrument for each student that will suit the various stages of his / her musical journey.   

We also carry a range of music books and accessories. These books complement your learning and practice.




Concerning CURRICULUM and CERTIFICATION, we are pleased to partner with ABRSM and Rockschool.

ABRSM ⎯ Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, UK

For students who wish to pursue Classical music certification, we offer music lessons using the ABRSM curriculum.

Our experienced music teachers can confidently prepare students for examinations from Grades 1-8 in both Piano and Violin. Year after year, our students have achieved outstanding results, consistently obtaining Merits and Distinctions. We are very proud of them.


Rockschool, UK

Rockschool is a recognised certification program for Popular music - from Debut to Diploma level in Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, and Keyboards.

The Rockschool curriculum offers aspiring musicians a holistic music education encompassing performance, improvisation, and technical proficiency in Popular music.

Our music teachers are graduates of RockSchool themselves, and can effectively prepare students for examinations. We have a good track record over the years of our students achieving Merits and Distinctions in their Rockschool examinations. We are very proud of them.