Have you ever wished you could sing jazz songs like Norah Jones, or top hits like Adele or Beyonce?

Are you preparing your child for a school performance? Do you want to impress your colleagues at a company event or your friends at a karaoke party?

At Joy Music Studio in Singapore, we offer fun and engaging singing lessons for kids, adults, and those who are young at heart. Discover how to develop your musicality and unlock the true potential of your voice. You will be surprised by how quickly you improve.


Why take Singing Lessons at our Music School?

At Joy Music Studio,

  • Our fantastic vocal teachers will help you improve your singing skills, regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced singer.
  • We customize our singing lessons to suit the needs of each student based on his / her age, prior singing experience, and musical preferences.
  • Our singing classes start with fundamental vocal techniques for supporting good tone production which is essential for singing in any genre.
  • You will also learn key techniques including breathing, decorating, and widening your vocal range.
  • You will strengthen the different sections of your voice across your vocal range, taking you higher and lower than you thought possible.
  • We customize our singing lessons to suit your learning objective, whether you want to learn to sing for fun or prepare for graded exams with Rockschool, Trinity Rock & Pop, or ABRSM.
  • We also offer individual and group singing lessons.

But don’t just take our word for it…



To better suit your needs, we offer a flexible teaching approach with two curriculum options: Pop Singing Lessons and Classical Singing Lessons.


Pop Singing Lessons

Have you wanted to learn proper singing techniques?

Then Pop Singing lessons are perfect for you!

  • You will learn music fundamentals in fun and engaging ways using your favourite pop tunes from stars such as Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Ed Sheeran.
  • You will learn how best to showcase your voice using proper microphone techniques.
  • We also offer private coaching so you can prepare and perform at special events.

Classical Singing Lessons

Learn to sing using proper techniques that will bring out the BEST in your voice, and WOW yourself with your vocal potential.

  • Like any other instrument, Classical Singing lessons will start by establishing fundamental vocal techniques to support your singing sound.
  • Learn to engage your body, control your breath, and produce a resonant tone that will unlock the potential of your voice across your range.
  • Discover the beauty of timeless classical vocal music, and develop your musicality through English and Italian art songs, cross-culture folk songs, and songs from classic Broadway musicals such as ‘The Sound of Music.’
  • Learn to sing at your own pace or work toward a graded singing exam⎯it’s up to you.


Do you want to take a Graded Exam in Singing?

Our talented vocal teachers can confidently prepare students to get glowing marks using the Rockschool or Trinity Rock & Pop curriculum (for Pop Singing Lessons) or the ABRSM curriculum (for Classical Singing Lessons).

Year after year, our students consistently obtain Merits and Distinctions in their vocal examinations. We are very proud of them!