We Teach Piano, Drums, Singing, Guitar, Ukulele and Violin Music Lessons.

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Joy Music Studio opened its first music centre in February 2014 on Marine Parade Central in the East Coast. In December 2018, we opened our second music centre at Queensway Shopping Centre in Queenstown area.

We offer music lessons for young children, teenagers and adults. Call us to arrange a trial lesson and experience the difference yourself.

Fun and Engaging Music Lessons

We offer professional, private music lessons for the following instruments:


We offer Classical Piano lessons for those who dream of playing masterpieces of all time, and Pop Piano lessons for those who want to play piano with music they know and love.


Drums are great for all ages from 4-year old kids to seniors. It trains good co-ordination of hands, eyes and legs. It is the pulse of a band.


Wish you could sing songs like a star? Want to prepare for a school performance or impress your colleagues at a karaoke session?


Strum to your favourite music! Guitar is a versatile instrument that allows you to play music wherever you are!


Ukulele is great for beginners of all ages to learn playing a string instrument. This instrument allows you to bring music with you wherever you go, simply strum and play and sing!


Violins are versatile and suitable for many genres of music. It also comes in many sizes with the smallest one suitable for a 3-year old kid.

Age Groups and Class Schedules

Music Discovery for Kids

Our Music Discovery for Young Kids is a fresh and interesting approach to teaching music exploration to toddlers and young children.

Regular Lessons for All Ages

We offer regular drums, guitar, piano, singing, ukulele and violin lessons for pre-schoolers, school children, and adults.

Flexible Adult Music Lessons

We offer music lessons with flexible schedule for working adults to fit their busy work schedules. Whenever you are free, simply call us to make an appointment.


What makes Joy Music Studio so unique?

We have dedicated Music Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated, fun, and truly passionate about music. They make music lessons fun, enjoyable, and engaging! Some perform at events on a regular basis are are even professional musicians themselves. No matter what difficulty level you are, a beginner trying to gain experience and certification or someone who is learning an instrument for the fun of gaining a new skill, our teachers will customise their lessons to suit your style and pace of learning.

Our music teachers take pride in engaging students and exposing them to a variety of instruments and genres of music.  We fuel their passion for music!

We use a Flexible teaching methodology in our Music Lessons

Our unique approach to teaching music allows students to explore instruments without being limited by course structure. Students are taught based on their experience, learning pace and schedule so to optimise your learning experience. Many of them even learn two or more instruments with us! In addition, we also organise recital performances regularly, enabling students to showcase and practice their skills in front of live audiences.

Music lessons are tailored to suit your individual passions and personal musical journey.

We offer Music Lessons for Fun or Certification

Whether students want to learn music just for fun or to pursue a music exam certification, we nurture their passion for music and help open doors for their future.

Looking to gain certification for your learning music? Exams certifications are available with ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), Rockschool and Trinity College London.  


Here’s what Students and Parents say about our Music School

★★★★★ "My boys age 7 and 5 have been taking Drums lessons at Joy Music Studio for about a year and a half now. They really enjoy their lessons and have also picked up Guitar, Ukelele and Cajon from its school holidays programs. I like the fact that the studio give kids the opportunity to perform in public. It gives them exposure, boost their confidence level and at the same time allows them to participate in a live band. My boys are always excited about performance as they have so much fun rehearsing in a group.

I walked into Joy Music Studio even before it has officially started operation at Parkway Center. I have been searching for music school that is suitable for my boys. I spoke to the Director Jacqueline and was really excited to learn that my boys can literally try out any instrument without having to commit to one full term of lessons for one instrument. I like this flexibility which most music studios do not offer. Another important criteria is of course the teachers and staff are friendly and easy to work with.

I highly recommend Joy Music Studio to anyone who simply wants to explore music and/or different types of instruments!" - Dorothy Peck, Parent

★★★★ "Young, vibrant and enthusiastic teachers (esp Justin, Jazreel and Hafiz) who make learning music a joy for my two girls, age 10 and 8. Schedules are also flexible and school is accommodating." - Lu-Lyn Chang, Parent

★★★★★ "I have been learning piano and music theory at Joy Music Studio for 3 years. I have progressed quickly with teacher Alicia's guidance and got distinction and merit for two of my practical exams and merit for my theory exam. The teaching methods are very helpful and the teachers/staff are very friendly and patient. I grew my love for music through this centre and I definitely do not regret choosing Joy Music." - arhdel, Student

★★★★★ "Joy Music Studio has a friendly and encouraging environment that really helps all kinds of musicians grow musically while having fun. I've been learning piano and music theory here, and have been very content with the past year that I've been doing so. I'm able to improve both technically and performance-wise, thanks to teacher Alicia's patient yet firm coaching. I think everyone here will have the chance to explore and learn to love music." - Minjung KIM, Student

★★★★★ "My 6 year daughter wanted to learn music but unsure of which instrument to go for. Joy Music Studio has this music adventure program which gave her the opportunity to be exposed to different instruments.

Teacher Jasreel is a very talented music teacher. She taught my daughter all three instruments in the music program which includes ukulele, drum and piano. She is also very patient and friendly with kids.

I shopped around with my daughter a few music schools before I signed up with Joy Music Studio. She now enjoys every lesson." - Bonita Tse, Parent

★★★★★ "My kids loved attending their lessons. They developed good rapport with their teachers. Since starting, they have grown so much as musicians. I have never seen any of the teachers unhappy. If anything, I felt they all loved what they do and that was very important to me as a parent. I want to give a shout out to teacher Ariff(drums) and teacher Jazreel (piano) for doing such a great job with my children and thank you for answering any questions I had. Keep up the good work!" - DeDi Hassan, Parent

★★★★★ "Joy Music Studio has given my son a good start in music, everyone in Joy Music Studio is friendly and approachable.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ms Alicia Yong for coaching my son since Joy Music Studio open for business at Parkway Centre. 

I'm very comfortable that my son is in good hands of an experienced and delicate teacher. Alicia has a way to handle students and I'm contented when my son obtained a distinction score in his Grade 1 examination." - Peng Chiang Low, Parent