At Joy Music Studio in Singapore, we believe that Word-of-Mouth is the BEST advertising! That’s why we’ve been collecting testimonials from happy customers over the years.

Here are some of our favourites. ENJOY!


Here’s what Parents have to say about our Music School


My boys age 7 and 5 have been taking Drum lessons at Joy Music Studio for about a year and a half now. They really enjoy their lessons and have also picked up Guitar, Ukelele and Cajon from its school holidays programs. I like the fact that the studio give kids the opportunity to perform in public. It gives them exposure, boost their confidence level and at the same time allows them to participate in a live band. My boys are always excited about performance as they have so much fun rehearsing in a group.

I walked into Joy Music Studio even before it has officially started operation at Parkway Center. I have been searching for music school that is suitable for my boys. I spoke to the Director Jacqueline and was really excited to learn that my boys can literally try out any instrument without having to commit to one full term of lessons for one instrument. I like this flexibility which most music studios do not offer. Another important criteria is of course the teachers and staff are friendly and easy to work with.

I highly recommend Joy Music Studio to anyone who simply wants to explore music and/or different types of instruments!
~ Dorothy Peck, Parent



Teacher Hafiz is very passionate about teaching, and he sings very well. The team of teachers are not only able to handle individual lessons but also bigger groups of students.  
~ Yvonne, Parent



The teachers are young, enthusiastic, and always ready to impart their knowledge to students. Miss Winnie is patient, nice, and kind. She made lessons fun and enjoyable.  
~ Mable, Parent



The teachers are a joyful bunch at the centre. Teacher Ariff is patient with Megan who occasionally has her mood swings whenever she is tired. There is accountability after every lesson: what has been done, what was done well, and what needs to improve.  
~ Leen Cheng, Parent



Lessons scheduling is very flexible and accommodating, make-up lessons are allowed, and I find this an important factor for parents with busy schedules. Teacher Kimmi always updates me on my daughter’s progress, and she has a nice personality. The school location is very convenient and accessible.  
~ Aida Handjaja, Parent



The lessons are customised and interesting. The teachers are sincere, warm, and genuine. Teacher Justin always believes in Thaddeus, developing his potential. He teaches drums with passion and patience. Teacher Alicia is always able to connect with Adelle via her care and empathy. She is hence able to inspire students to see music as part of our being and as humanistic art pieces. The environment is conducive, and it has a very hospitable and open culture.  
~ Agnes, Parent



The music lessons are really fun, and my children love their teacher and always look forward to the class every week. Their music teacher, Teacher Alicia, is always so fun-loving, caring, and tracks each individual’s progress by giving a de-brief on the lessons after the class, as well as writing notes in the progress book. The school provides a very good environment to learn everything about music.  
~ Jess, Parent



Winnie always goes the extra mile in preparing her lessons for her students. Her loving and kind nature creates a homely environment to learn.  
~ Miss Yong, Sister



Here’s what our Students have to say about our Music School


I like lessons here because I feel that I improved under my teacher’s guidance. Teacher Alicia has been ever bubbly, kind, and patient. I enjoy coming to school because the environment is nice and the teachers are friendly.  
~ Adelle Chan, 12, Piano



I learnt a lot about myself and improved in my singing skills through Teacher Winnie’s class. She made the learning of singing techniques enjoyable as she allows me to choose songs that I like. I like this school because all the teachers are energetic and helpful!  
~ Hanna Toohey, 13, Vocal Group



Teacher Hafiz is dedicated, patient, and serious in teaching. The scheduling of lessons is flexible and accommodating. The team is friendly.  
~ Anne Hoh, 50+, Drums & Pop piano



The studio is spacious, and Teacher Ariff is helpful and nice.  
~ Feng An Di, 11, Classical Guitar



I like Teacher Alicia because she is funny. I like the environment too.  
~ Javier Lim, 6, Piano



I like the teachers and the Steinway piano. Lessons are fun here because Teacher Alicia teaches us songs that we like!  
~ Janelle Lim, 8, Piano



Joy Music Studio is beautiful and comfortable. Teacher Kimmi is funny and interesting. She makes lessons exciting and practicing becomes fun!  
~ Rachel Lee, 11, Violin



The lessons are fun and interesting, and Teacher Justin teaches us in a fun manner. The rooms are cozy.  
~ Yu Luyen Shiwei, 13, Group Acoustic Guitar



Teacher Winnie is kind and encouraging. I enjoy singing lessons here!  
~ Lucinda Toohey, 9, Vocal



Music lessons are fun and interesting here. Teacher Justin perseveres to teach us well. The school provides a good learning environment.  
~ Yu Luyen Shijie, 10, Acoustic Guitar Group