At Joy Music Studio in Singapore, we believe that learning music with friends is a great way to bond and pick up new skills together.

That’s why we welcome students of all ages to join our group courses. Experience the unique dynamic of learning with others ⎯ motivate, inspire, and learn from one another.


How do Group Music Lessons work?

  • All you have to do is grab a buddy and give us a call.
  • Group lessons work best when you and your friends have the same goal, whether that be to learn music for fun only or to pass a graded exam. 
  • Our group classes range from 2-4 students at a time, big enough to feel the ‘safety in numbers,’ but not so big that you feel ‘lost in the crowd.’

Learning music is always better with a friend.


We offer the following group courses:

Group Singing Lessons

In this group course, you will explore the different genres of singing with our carefully chosen repertoire of songs. Of course, as with all of our programs, you are still welcome to bring your favourite song to work on with your teacher.

Our vocal course will teach you fundamental techniques and exercises, such as: 

  • Preparing and maintaining your voice box to serve you wherever you may sing - in the shower, with a karaoke machine, or on a stage!
  • Learning how to keep your vocal chords in good shape.
  • Understanding how the various components of singing can help you sing like a pro.

Group Violin Lessons

In our Classical Violin group lessons, you will first learn the basics, and then learn to play together with your friends. You will gain first-hand experience playing in an ensemble with other violinists, and reach one-step closer to playing in an orchestra.

In our Pop Violin group lessons, you and your friends will learn to play your favourite pop songs on the violin. You will also have an opportunity to learn songs of your own choice, as well as play songs together with other violinists.


Group Ukulele Lessons

You’ll love learning this cheerful little instrument with your friends. Its signature bright and vibrant sound makes it enjoyable on your own or with others. In our group classes, you can learn to play classic ukulele tunes or your favourite pop songs.

Group Guitar Lessons

In our group Guitar lessons for Acoustic or Classical guitar, you will learn both strumming and fingerstyle playing. Learn to play your favourite songs: solo, lead, or accompaniment. Practice together with your friends and gain confidence playing in an acoustic band.

We also have group lessons for those who wish to learn the Electric and Bass guitars. Rock out to powerful rock ballads, shred away with breath-taking solos, or carry the pulse of the band with bass guitar. Bring your guitar and amp up with us!

But don’t just take our word for it…