Yes, we know there are a lot of music schools in Singapore, but not all of them are created equal.


Top 9 Reasons to choose Joy Music Studio as your music school

Of course, we’re biased, but that’s because we genuinely believe that Joy Music Studio is the BEST place to learn music.  Here’s why…

1. Personalized Music Lessons

We believe that every child is different with unique talents, preferences, and learning styles. They are not just a number - they are future musicians. That’s why we personalized our music lessons to suit the pace, skill level, and preferences of each one of our students.

2. Engaging and Balanced

Our lessons are fun and engaging. We strike a pleasing balance between knowledge and fun, structure and creativity. In addition to our core music lessons, we also let our students learn to play a song of their own choice.

3. Exploratory

The world of music is vast and full of wonder and excitement. That’s why we encourage our students in our music school to explore various types of instruments before focusing on the one or two instruments of their choice. Who knows where each of them will end up!

4. Relationship

We believe that a positive musical experience begins with building strong relationships with our students and their parents. That’s why we take time to listen to their dreams and aspirations, as well as any frustrations they may have in their learning journey. Our music teachers passionately care about their students’ success and encourage them not to give up.

5. Communication

Communication is the key to success in every area of life, and especially in music school. That’s why, at the end of each course, our music teachers provide constructive feedback to both students and parents on their progress. Our students will clearly know what they are doing well, and where they can continue to improve.

6. Excellence

Along with having fun and enjoying music, we also believe in excellence. That’s why we encourage all of our students to excel in their learning. Whether you are taking music lessons for pleasure or to pass an examination, do your best. Over the years, many of our students have achieved Distinction and Merit in their music exams, and we are very proud of them.

7. Confidence

Confidence is key to longevity in music education. A student who feels confident and believes that they are improving in their music lessons will continue to progress. We build confidence in our students by providing encouragement and positive reinforcement as they improve. We also offer multiple performance opportunities to develop their confidence throughout the year.

8. Conducive Environment

Our music studios are spacious, well-lit, air-conditioned, and equipped with high-quality instruments from Steinway (Essex series), Yamaha, Casio, etc.  Every single room is also monitored with CCTV (closed circuit TV), so parents can be sure of the safety of their kids. And because our studios are both spacious and comfortable, we welcome parents to sit in on music lessons to watch their children learn or perform.

9 .Convenient Location

Our music school is located in Parkway Centre and opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Centre in Marine Parade. Students can conveniently take enrichment classes within these two buildings, and parents can shop while they wait.  There is also ample parking spaces (at multi-storey carpark connected to Parkway Centre building and at multi-storey carpark in Parkway Parade).