Alicia Yong – Piano and Music Theory Teacher 


Alicia is a piano and music theory teacher, piano accompanist, and has also played in a band as a keyboardist. 

She has taught students from ages 3 to 60 years old, with a proven track record of students attaining merits and distinctions in their exams. 

Since she was four years old, Alicia has had a passion for music, ballet, dance and figure skating. 

  • Through the years of training, she has achieved credentials from The Associate Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), and the Ice Skating Institute (ISI).

  • She now holds a Diploma in Music Performance (DipABRSM), Grade 8 Piano, and Grade 8 Music Theory.

  • Apart from the performing arts, she also graduated from Temasek Polytechnic Design School with a Diploma in Visual Communications.

Alicia believes that “Yes, fundamentals should be anchored, but injecting fun into lessons and building chemistry with my students is even more crucial for a child’s learning journey.”

That’s why she encourages her students to explore music genres that interest them and then invites them to perform those songs during our annual recitals and events.

Being one of the pioneer teachers at Joy Music Studio, Alicia contributed by organising events and developing syllabuses and programs. She serves on the Management Team overseeing the recruitment of teachers, Corporate Communications, as well as assisting in business expansion plans.



Cai Xianglun – Piano Teacher

Cai Xianglun.png

Xianglun plays piano, keyboard, accordion, and he composes music. 

  • He holds a Diploma in Higher Education (Music) from LASALLE College of the Arts.

  • At LASALLE, he majored in jazz piano and shared the stage with many of his lecturers, including saxophonist-composer, Dr. Tim O’Dwyer.

  • He performs regularly in the local music scene. He currently plays with a six-piece Pop band at The Beacon restaurant & bar.

  • He performs for local artists like Grandma Mary Ho and Ffion Williams.

  • He also plays at church meetings.

As a composer and arranger, Xianglun is adept at making music in diverse contemporary genres and forms, such as jingles, popular songs, and drama soundtracks. 

His styles incline toward the more experimental approaches of extended techniques and free improvisation. He is also skilled at working with digital production tools and analog equipment.  

Xianglun teaches various music programmes at local primary and secondary schools.

He believes that “Music is important for everyone because it enhances an individual’s mental well-being and stimulates the intellectual and creative mind.”



Jazreel Cheo – Piano Teacher


Jazreel is a music teacher, piano accompanist, and pop-keyboard performer.

She has been teaching various instruments, mainly piano, at Joy Music Studio for the past two years, and her students range from eager 3-year-olds to courageous 65-year-olds.

  • Jazreel is trained in classical music and has attained a Grade 8 Piano Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM).

  • She recently attained AMIS (Arts & Music Instructors Scheme) certification from MOE and Piano Pedagogy Certification from Steinway Gallery.

  • She also gigs regularly with her band at various events and venues such as Blue Jazz and Hood Bar & Café, where they enjoy playing pop live music and interacting with the crowd.

  • At the D’J Rock Taisen Competition in 2014, Jazreel and her band proudly won the position of ‘1st Runner Up.’

  • Jazreel was exposed to music since the young age of 6. Learning the structured way of classical piano built in her a strong foundation for playing the piano. However, she believes that “Learning music should not be rigid, but fun and flexible.” That’s why she incorporates pop and other genres into her classes to ensure holistic learning for the students.

“In this stressful world, music and arts can make this world a happier, better place.”

Jazreel also holds a Degree in Business Marketing. Her other passions include singing, staying active, gardening, and being creative.



Thaqifah Tahar – Music Teacher for Young Kids


Thaqifah, or Ifah in short, has a special place in her heart for children. Before teaching music, she worked full-time in the social sector, caring for and counselling children from dysfunctional or needy families and helping to reunite them back with their families.

She is still involved in social work to this day (part-time).

  • Ifah holds a Diploma in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Special Education

  • She has a keen interest in therapy, counselling, and social work.

  • She has experience teaching music to children with special needs.

Ifah enjoys teaching children, and always ensures that her students have a healthy environment in which to learn, grow, and express themselves through their music. 

She has three years of experience in teaching music, and desires to “Nurture her students’ passion for music, as well as instilling self-reliance for learning and always improving themselves.”

Ifah plays the piano, guitar, and ukulele, and enjoys playing music for leisure. Her other interests include reading and photography. Besides teaching, she also assists in the school's operations and administrative matters.