Meet Mrs loh!

It's never too late to start learning. Be inspired by Mrs Loh, who takes Ukulele classes at Joy Music Studio. Presenting to you, Teacher Hafiz and Mrs Loh Duet "Moonlight Swim." [video width="848" height="480" mp4="" poster=""][/video]



Learning Music and its Benefits

Learning Music and its Benefits

While we all have heard that music has tremendous benefits to our brains, to gain the most benefits requires us to participate and engage in music.

At Joy Music Studio, we hope that you find each lesson with our teachers fun and engaging. Both students and teachers must participate and engage together to grow and reap the benefits that music can have in our lives!

Read this article featured in Time Magazine. (click on the image below)

Students preparing to play musical instruments

Hope it inspires you to pick up your instrument, practice and come to lessons looking forward to being "brain-boosted"!

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Adult Music Courses

The wonderful thing about music is that it has no barriers to learning. 

The only barrier is really ourselves! 
Want to break the routine of eat, sleep, work and continue this every day?
Allow Music to bring Joy to your life!
Our Adults Music Courses allows you the flexibility of scheduling lessons that suit your work commitments and also learn the songs that you like.
Make a change to your life, do something that truly allows you to express yourself creatively.
Check out the video below on our student Joe.
He is a professional in the financial industry, and also a classical pianist. He wanted to learn pop improvisation and techniques.
Be inspired!

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Joy Music @ Eye Level Graduation

  Last weekend Joy Music Studio had the great pleasure of performing for Eye Level's graduation ceremony at Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay.


We have been working side by side with Eye Level at Parkway Centre for the past few months and grown to be pleasant neighbours and great friends. When Eye Level approached us with a request to perform for their graduation ceremony, Joy Music Studio jumped at their offer! Our students and parents were excited for another opportunity to perform and showcase their progress. So our team of teachers immediately put together a one hour performance, shining the limelight on our students, and even invited friends and former colleagues to perform.

We were also overjoyed when our friends at Steinway Singapore were more than happy to provide us with a beautiful baby grand Essex for the performance.



Our teacher Hafiz enjoying the baby grand before the event.




So our young performers arrived with their supportive family members and soon our students and teachers were called onstage to put on a wonderful performance.




Teachers Hafiz and Justin performing with their students on the ukulele and cajon. Then our young ladies took the stage with one amazing performance after another.







Our former teachers and friends from Singapore Youth Orchestra, Kimberly and Ken, also joined us for a duet.









Our time onstage ended with our studio director presented with a token of appreciation. Do check our Facebook page for videos of their performances!

Besides performing, Joy Music Studio had also set up a simple booth at Novotel Singapore for the parents and students of Eye Level.



The charming gentlemen from Steinway.


We brought out desk bells, simple music trivia and notes on musical knowledge.



Overall our time at Eye Level's Awards Ceremony was a blast. All of our performers had enjoyed themselves and put on a great performance. We're certain our students and teachers all look forward to future events and collaborations.




Rising Stars Recital 2015


After weeks of arduous practice and preparation –and of course with the abundance of fun and joy we love to provide- the day has finally arrived for our very first recital!


On Saturday 28 November 2015, families and friends came down to support us at Steinway Serenade, located at Palais Renaissance, where our students showcased their talents and love for music in the first of the Rising Stars Series.

IMG_1753 IMG_1738 IMG_1757

Our studio director, Ms Jacquelyn, gave a warm welcoming speech for our guests.


We received a full house with even our friends at Steinway Singapore sitting in to watch the performance.


Our students had dressed up to the nines, bringing with them much excitement and some jitters as they awaited their turn to perform. Look at how lovely these young ladies and how dashing these young gentlemen are!

IMG_1768 IMG_1769 IMG_1942 IMG_1875 IMG_1877 IMG_1884 IMG_1885 IMG_1916 IMG_1931   IMG_1934

And each of them gave their best to deliver a wonderful performance that was well enjoyed by the audience.

IMG_1778 IMG_1783 IMG_1791 IMG_1796 IMG_1797 IMG_1825 IMG_1835 IMG_1838 IMG_1846 IMG_1851 IMG_1940 IMG_1895 IMG_1918 IMG_1920 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1933 IMG_1935 IMG_1937 IMG_1945 IMG_1948 IMG_1951 IMG_1958 IMG_1961 IMG_1962 IMG_1970 IMG_1971

We all had a good time mixing around and taking photos at the tea reception provided after the performance.

IMG_1939 IMG_1854 IMG_1862 IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1976

We are extremely grateful to our friends at Steinway Gallery Singapore for the opportunity to collaborate on this event, as well as to the families of our students, for their constant support and to our students, for making this event a huge success, a significant milestone in everyone’s musical journey, and a wonderful memory to keep.

The joy of giving

How do you know if you have impacted someone's life? Sometimes it's hard to express our love to our students. Special occasions like these gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation.

Happy Children's Day to all our beloved students!


p.s. Thank you to all our students for showering us with their lovely gifts and handmade cards.


What makes a teacher special?

Often we think that teachers inspire students, but it also holds true that students do inspire teachers too! In case you are thinking it is only the good students that inspire our teachers, that not quite true! While it is in our human nature to appreciate and reciprocate those who are good to us, I am proud to hear sharing from teachers who have told me how they are so fulfilled in their jobs when a student begins to openly share the challenges of learning and even about their challenges in their day to day lives.

Trust in any relationship is built over time, some can come in and out of lessons every week for years and yet both teacher and student never quite got to know each other beyond the name, pieces that they play and progress of learning.

At Joy Music Studio, we hold 3 values dear and made it part of our culture:

  • Get to know your student. Playing music is from the heart, so when you know your student’s emotional and physical well-being, you will be able to guide your students to play from their heart. This develops a special bond for the student towards music.
  • Always speak edifying words. Our words can be sharper than a weapon, so may our words always encourage, speak truth and build up the confidence of our students.
  • Impart Value not just Knowledge. We are facilitators of learning, making the learning journey one where it is not just head knowledge, but also value to your lives. Music starts from composition, understanding its value is more than just playing.

Our teachers welcome feedback and open sharing of lives. So thank you to our students for inspiring us to become better individuals and teachers!

Adults learning Music

“Am I too old to learn music?” We often get this question when an adult walks in to enquire about our music lessons. I have an uncanny suspicion that deep down, the individual is really asking themselves this question, “ Am I good enough to learn music and do it well?”

There is such an unspoken expectation that adult learners have on themselves. They constantly put unexpected stress on themselves when it comes to learning music. Just like in the corporate world, they measure themselves by setting a particular time-line to achieve a deliverable result out of themselves. These can sometimes take the joy of learning away and when the going gets tough, many quit learning.

Learning regardless of age, always involves a degree of hard work, sweat and tears. The fruit we bear such as perseverance, patience, and in some instance learning to love oneself through the process is priceless. Some learn to appreciate the beauty of music, the joy it brings when you can play a piece and hopefully enjoy the learning journey for however long it lasts.

We have more than a handful of adult students learning with us the Piano, Vocals, Violin and Guitar and Drums. Different one have different objectives to learning.

I most truly admire those adult learners who are patient with themselves, wanting to master a piece of music not just to be able to play it well, but are captivated so much by music to want to make the piece their ‘own’, through improvisation, and putting a special touch in the artistry of playing.

So what is your objective to learning? Here are some good answers that I got from the adult students in our school:

  • I want to be able to play my favourite song for a special event.

We had students who learnt a song in just 6 lessons for a special occasion such as their anniversary, Christmas and even a wedding proposal.

  • Music lessons is a form of relaxation and stress reliever.
  • Learning with my friends /as a couple to build a bond and stronger relationship together, we can then play and appreciate music better together.
  • Improve my techniques and refresh my memory on classical theory.

We hope that whatever inspires you to learn music, give it a shot and do not worry about how you are doing. Music is first and foremost a gift that speaks many things without words, it is waiting for you to discover its beauty.

Band Camp 2015 (June)

We had a fantastic band camp held during the June 2015 school holidays! This was a great event to celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary!

We had a blast with a total of 23 band participants who signed up for this 3 day program with a grand finale performance which took place “LIVE” at Parkway Centre atrium.

After 3 days of bonding together with their band members, a total of 4 bands were formed. Each band member got to play an instrument in this program, instruments such as the Guitar, the Ukelele, the Drums, the Piano and some to be the Vocalist.

The teachers were truly proud of their students who took to building a quick bond within the band, working together and being able to play songs like these;

Fireworks by Katy Perry

Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Sugar by Maroon 5

The participants aged 4 to 15 years old had a fun filled time, and through the event learnt that a lot goes into a performance, to engage the audience, stage presence and confidence to play!!

Congratulations to all our band participants who were such great performers! We got a crowd of audience watching and clapping, staying glued to the ‘stage’ for the whole 2 hours!! Awesome!