Our School Calendar


At Joy Music Studio, we believe that regular lessons give our students the needed interaction time with their teachers to:

  • Progress well in their music education,

  • Prepare them for recitals and exams, and

  • Spur them to higher levels of learning.

That’s why our School Calendar offers students an optimum number of lessons each year for consistent lesson time, rest, and practice.

2019 H1 Calendar.JPG
2019 H2 Calendar.JPG

Begin your musical journey today!

You can start on any date because we will pro-rate your first month’s fee to reflect the actual number of lessons for the month.

One-time registration fee (non-refundable): $28

New student deposit (refundable): $128

Attendance & Rescheduling Lessons

We understand the busy schedules of our students, and that unexpected events sometimes require lessons to be rescheduled.

THANK YOU for notifying us at least ONE day in advance before rescheduling a lesson. We appreciate your consideration.

Our fantastic teachers are committed to delivering lessons as scheduled, and they will do their best to reschedule missed lessons to another time slot whenever possible.

Attendance Policies

Upon enrolment, each student will receive a detailed Student Handbook that covers Frequently Asked Questions about our school, including policies on student attendance, missed lessons, and rescheduling of lessons.

To learn more about these policies and how we arrange for missed lessons, please feel free to contact us at 9230-2778 or email us at admin@joymusicstudio.sg.


Please note: one-month notice is required to withdraw from any of our music courses. Please complete a Withdrawal Form (available at our front desk) as soon as possible to confirm the student’s withdrawal from our school.