Group Courses

Enjoy learning music with friends in our group courses. We welcome students of all ages to join our group courses, which starts at two students to a full class of four. Experience a different dynamic learning with others; motivate and inspire each other, and even learn from one another.
Learn at your own pace! Our group courses does not function as a classroom or workshop would, you can learn to play your own songs and at your own pace.

Vocal Aerobics

Man, woman, girl or boy, if you love to sing and want to sing even better, this is the course for you.

Get your fundamental techniques and exercises right in our vocal course. Vocal Aerobics offers coaching in preparing and maintaining your voice box to serve you wherever you may sing; in the shower, with a karaoke machine or on stage! Learn how to keep your vocal chords in good shape. Understand how the various components of singing can help you sing like a pro.

In this group course, you will learn together as a group, exploring the different genres of singing with our carefully chosen repertoire of songs. However, you are still most welcomed to bring your own choice of song to work on with our teacher.

Get graded with the Rockschool Pop Vocals syllabus.

Fiddle-dee Fiddle-dum & Popping Fifth

In our classical violin group, Fiddle-dee Fiddle-dum, you will learn to play the violin from the basics, to play individually and together in an ensemble. Get first-hand experience on playing in an ensemble with other violinists, and reach one step closer to playing in an orchestra.

New to the violin or crossing over from classical to pop, come and learn your favourite pop songs on the violin with friends in Popping Fifth. You will learn songs of your own choice or learn to play a song together with other violinists.

Music; In Print

We put music down on paper and explore with you the fundamentals of music theory. Our group theory course is suitable for those new to music and up to ABRSM Grade 4. Learn about the evolution of music throughout the years, the many different genres of music, their famous composers, orchestra instruments and many more!

Jumping Fleas

Do you know that the word 'ukulele' actually means 'jumping fleas' in Hawaiian? People were so amazed at how the musician's fingers would jump like fleas all over the small fretboard!

So be amazed at this little instrument and its signature bright and vibrant sound that makes it very enjoyable to learn and play. Play classic ukulele tunes or your favourite pop songs; just have fun playing this cheerful instrument on your own or with others.

We also now offer grading for ukulele under the RGT syllabus.

Six Strings

Be it acoustic or classical, you will learn both strumming and fingerstyle playing in our group of Six Strings. Bring along your favourite songs and learn to play them; solo, lead or accompaniment. Learn and practice together to get a feel of playing in an acoustic band.

We also teach electric and bass guitars in a separate group, Rock Amplified. Rock out to powerful rock ballads and shred away with awesome solos or carry the depth of the music with bass guitar. Bring your guitar down and amp up with us!

Want to get graded? We now provide RGT, LCM, Trinity and Rockschool syllabuses for our guitar courses.

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