Drum Lessons

Are you looking for drum lessons that are fun and engaging? We pride ourselves that our drum teachers are joyful, passionate, experienced and patient in teaching. We customize our drum courses to suit the needs of each student, whatever the age, level of prior drumming experience and preference for different music genres.
At the beginner level, we focus on developing the student’s interest in drumming and building a strong foundation in drumming. At the intermediate level, we focus on helping our students improve their drumming skills, including improvisation, speed, drumming to different music genres, etc.
At the end of each course, our drum teacher will provide a feedback to our student on his/her progress. We strive to bring out the best in our students with practical and interesting drum lessons.
To develop our students’ confidence in public music performance, we organize various performance throughout the year.

Acoustic and Electric Drums

We have both acoustic and electric drums in our studios.

We follow Rockschool examination syllabus and are a private exam centre for Rockschool for Drums examinations.

Great Benefits to learning Drums

Drums are great for young kids from age 3 to 4 years old onwards and also for seniors. It trains good co-ordination of hand, eyes and legs and keeping in tune to a fast beat are great exercises that keep you mentally alert.

Lessons are taught in a fun and engaging manner with high energy instructors who are also professional performers.

Select a favorite song and we will help you master the piece.

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